Saturday, 5 May 2012

Cost effective smartphone and tablet ready website design for small business and startups

The ebb and flow of internet traffic is changing! The rapid uptake of web enabled smartphones and tablet devices is quickly changing the way in which people access the internet. It's a well known fact that most people will quickly abandon a website if it does not deliver the information or service that they require quickly and easily. Unfortunately the majority of sites on the web today don't fulfil this requirement when viewed on a handheld device. If you've ever used a smartphone to browse the web you'll understand this. All that scaling in and out just to read a little bit of text can be a real turn off right? By 2014 it is expected that over half of all web enquires will be made by people using smartphones or tablet devices. Can your business afford to ignore half of it's potential sales leads or customers online?

I run a company called Unspun which specialises in web design and online marketing for small business and startups.  All of our websites are now built using the latest adaptive layout and CSS media query techniques. This means that when somebody visits one of our sites it will automatically detect which kind of device it is being called up on and change the layout of the content to best suit that device. This makes both your customer's smartphone or tablet user experience equally as fluid and pleasurable as it is when they're viewing your site on a laptop or desktop computer, converting more site visits into new customers.

To complement our website design and build work we also offer our customers a full range of online marketing services in order to drive targeted local, national or global traffic to websites that we build. This includes all aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing, online advertising and social networking activity for business use. Please visit for more information.

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